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Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter from Luxury Private Jet Charters.

Everything from business travel, relaxation and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Your meeting room in the sky! Fulfillment ensured.

LPJ Private Jet Charter supplies Jets to lease in the USA & Worldwide. Exceptionally experienced contracting planes in the USA, Aircraft renting & Helicopter Charter – JPJ Jets, Private Jet Charter. Having your own plane division empowers you to pursue the whole market viably and hone in on the best choice for aircraft charters, as your Private Jet Charter Travel Manager works through every single detail.

5 Star Catering

5 Star Catering

Rule #1: Never fly on an empty stomach.
Rule #2: No more rules.
Your jet division takes every detail of your travel experience to the next level. The team assigned to you has not been trained to send you a menu of standard fare. Conversely, they are expert “hunters” that work all hours to fulfill your most delicate request.

Five Star Catering is what is says it is: food taken out of Five Star establishments. Simply put,your jet division shops where you eat.
So, how many will be dining with us this evening?.

Your Own Private Jet Charter Division

Your Own Private Jet Charter Division

The ultimate Private Jet Charter travel experience begins when you first announce the trip. Having your own Private Jet Charter division enables you to search the entire market effectively and narrow in on the best value for aircraft as your Private Jet Charter Travel Manager works through every little detail.

We assign a team to your account and while you deal with a personal PTM, our seasoned procurement team is working behind the scenes to secure the best value.

Chauffeured Ground Transporation

Chauffeured Ground Transporation

Door to door white glove service is an element of the ultimate travel experience and a core competency of your new jet division. As private travel managers, we believe that complete logistical coordination is best served under one roof. As we establish your travel profile, we document ways to send the best vehicle for the task at hand.

From the Lincoln Sedan to the Mercedes Benz (6) passenger rolling conference room to the 2012 Phantom. Getting there becomes half the fun.

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